Buice Family Holiday lifestyle session In Duluth, Ga All Aboard! Atlanta Family lifestyle photographer!

I have so many fond feelings towards this family. They first came to me when they were only 12 weeks and expecting their first little one. I remember how excited they were and all the things we talked about on our walk to the location. You could tell it was such a magical time for them. So fast forward I got to do their newborn pictures, then 8 month and now I seriously cannot believe he is already ONE! It’s one of the many blessings in this line of work. I get to watch families grow. Become invested in their wellbeing. We reach out to eachother from time to time even when it has nothing to do with pictures. We are both fond of vintage dresses and all things aesthetically pleasing. Lets be real we like pretty things. More than that we like pretty things that would look amazing in photo’s! I feel like we just get each other! So for this session it was no different. Put our heads together and found the coolest place, The Duluth Train Museum and of course she had the best clothes already picked out. Because she’s amazing. When you go to this train musuem its kind of trippy. Because you become all nostalgic about the past. You get to see trains exactly as they were. They couldn’t escape it either. They were totally in character the whole time and it was so hilarious! “Dont go pip!!” I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I did taking them!