The Knox Family Lifestyle session | Atlanta, Georgia Arabia Mountain

I have had a love for family photography for longer than I can remember. I will be the first to admit my style has changed over the years and I have fallen in love with lifestyle aspect in photography. Not so much the “look at me and smile” where everyone is looking perfect and posed to the T. But, the real moments that you can find and create with a family. Those are the moments I’m inspired by. Amanda Is a fellow photographer and a good friend of mine. I don’t know what I’ve done to have her become such a fan of my art and to continue to use me for her memories but I’m beyond excited to do it. We both worked together closely to come up with the best location, colors and outfits. It all turned out exactly how we both imagined. Long before I ever imagined I could use Arabia mountain for photography it was (and still is) a special place to me and my family as we have hiked it a million times and made so many memories there. So its easy to say that it holds a deeper meaning to me. And I’m so blessed to share that with other families as well andI feel so lucky to do this for a living but also for my heart.