Wedding Photography anyone?

So some of you know by now that I have finally decided to take on weddings as part of the services that I offer. To be honest whenever anyone asked me in the past if I would shoot their wedding, I'd pass it off quickly and just say I don't do weddings. When in reality it scared me to death!! When your a wedding photographer you really have to be able to juggle many different things at high paced intervals. For this reason I just felt I wasn't exactly ready and put the idea to bed. You have to be skilled at all types of photography to be great at wedding photography. I feel like I've put my work in and gained "enough" knowledge and skill to take this on. To my surprise very shortly after I announced doing weddings, I booked three back to back! I would be lying if I said I wasn't surprised. Of course now my mind is swelling with all kinds of scenarios with what could go wrong and yadda, yadda!! I am learning that these types of doubts are not just specific to me.. in fact it can be normal (right?) : )  I also find something very exhilarating about jumping in head first and going with it! I KNOW I can pull this off and more! I am so excited and looking forward to the future of my photography business. Not to worry I will still be doing portrait work and really any other type of photography you throw at me! So please bear with me and come along for the ride!

Sarah JordanComment