Investment..... Investment is the perfect word actually. When you hire a photographer its because you want someone who can capture you and your family with quality and vision. ot your uncle bob in your back yard with his iphone. When you hire this photographer here's what your getting. You're getting a pre-session consultation and the time and talent of the photographer, the high end camera gear, quality photographic retouching and always a really good time!

I really cannot stress enough how easy-going these sessions really are. Its not like going to the studio and sitting in front of a backdrop and smiling. We almost always pick a beautiful outdoors location with plenty of nature. So its a lot like taking a nice long walk and just stopping when we see a good spot. In most cases it usually takes about 10-15 mins before the butterflies go away for both of us.. after that it's magic! : )

If you are planning to book a family session maybe these few tips will help you in the end. With children its always a good idea to have props or dress them a certain way to create a certain feel/look. I am always looking to find bargains on old vintage chairs, airplanes (toys), dresses, suitcases etc. Its always neat to bring balloons or your child's favorite toy (for those candid detailed shots) perhaps a picnic blanket. As always be creative, and feel free to text or call me and ask me my opinion on something cute you thought of!

For engagement/couple sessions, I usually recommend two outfits so we can achieve variety in the images. Also, with engagement sessions is always a good idea to bring along props, for example flowers, small chalk boards, your rings and really anything that is special and symbolic to your relationship. Honestly couples sessions are among my all time favorite types of photo shoots! This is where I excel in my opinion. Also, its good to remember that not all the shots will be posed. There will be a time when i will back off and ask you to just be your selves and interact as you normally would. Those shots are almost always the ones with the most feelings and tangiable love!






Just Because their shoe game was A-1!
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