So you have come this far and you're curious about who's behind the lens? I am a devoted wife and mother of five amazing kids! I have always had a love for photography.  As a child I would say I was very detail oriented. I often noticed passing moments nd imagined them as pictures printed or perhaps canvases hanging on random families walls. I somehow overlooked photography as a career and went on with my life. It wasn't until 2009 that It clicked and I dove in head first and never looked back! Now, for a little info on the gear I shoot with. I currently shoot canon and I use a Canon 5d mk2.  I do a lot of portrait work and mostly shoot with the canon 135mm 2.8, 85mm 1.4, and 50mm 1.4.  I am gradually trying to get into wedding photography so that means I will be adding even more lenses!

As always please contact me with any questions you may have at 404-671-5946 (text is okay too) Or if you prefer email you can fill out this form or email me directly at



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